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Qualifications For Application

DEFINITIONS from Act 701 of 1987:

  1. "Geologist" means a person engaged in the practice of geology.
  2. "Geology" means that science which treats of the earth in general; investigation of the earth's crust and the rocks and other materials which compose it; and the applied science of utilizing knowledge of the earth and its constituent rocks, minerals, liquids, gases, and other materials for the benefit of mankind.
  3. "Public practice of geology" means the performance of geological service or work such as consultation, investigation, evaluation, planning, mapping, and inspection of geological work in which the performance is related to public welfare or safeguarding of life, health, property, and the environment, except as specifically exempted in this Act.  A person shall be construed to practice publicly or offer to practice publicly who practices any branch of the profession of geology; or who by verbal claim, sign, advertisement, letterhead, card, or who in any other way represents himself to be a geologist; or who represents that he is registered under this Act; or who holds himself out as able to perform or who does perform any geological services or work recognized as geology.
  4. "Qualified geologist" means a person who is not registered under this Act, but possesses all the qualifications specified in this Act for registration.


An application for registration as a geologist, geologist-in-training certificate, or certification in a specialty shall be made under oath and shall show the applicant's education and a detailed summary of his or her geologic work.  The application shall be accompanied by the $20.00 application fee.

The Board requires the applicant to provide the board with the three qualified geologists who can attest to the experience and qualifications of the applicant; and, two people who can attest to the personal character and ethical practices of the applicant.   The application shall not be processed until all required information is received.


To be eligible for a certificate of registration, an applicant shall meet each of the following minimum qualifications:

  1. Be of good ethical character;
  2. Have graduated from an accredited college or university which has been approved by the Board with a major in either geology, engineering geology, or geological engineering; or have completed 30 semester hours or 45 quarter hours or the equivalent in geological science courses leading to a major in geology, of which at least 24 semester hours or 36 quarter hours or the equivalent were taken in the upper level of the undergraduate studies or in the graduate level courses.  The Board shall waive academic requirements for a person already practicing geology on the effective date of this Act; provided that application for registration is made not later than May 1, 1989, and the applicant can provide evidence to satisfy the Board that he is competent to publicly practice geology on a level that is expected from a registered geologist.
  3. Have at least seven years of professional geological work which shall include either a minimum of three years of professional geological work under the supervision of a registered geologist, except that prior to the effective date of this Act, professional geological work shall qualify under this paragraph if it is under the supervision of a qualified geologist, or have a minimum of five years experience in responsible charge of geological work.  The following criteria of education and experience qualify, as specified, toward accumulation of the required seven years of professional geological work:

    (a) Each year of undergraduate study in the geological sciences shall count as one-half year of training up to a maximum of two years, and each year of graduate study shall count as a year of training;

    (b) Credit for undergraduate study, graduate study, and graduate courses, individually or in any combination thereof, shall in no case exceed a total of four years toward meeting the requirements for at least seven years of professional geological work as set forth above;

    (c) The Board may consider, in lieu of the above professional geological work as set out in this section, the cumulative total of professional geological work or geological research of persons teaching at the college or university level, provided that such work or research can be demonstrated to be of a sufficiently responsible nature to be equivalent to the professional requirements of this Act;

    (d) The ability of the applicant shall have been demonstrated by his having performed the work in a responsible position as determined by the Board.  The adequacy of the required supervision and experience shall be determined by the Board in accordance with standards set forth in regulations adopted by it; and

    (e) The ability of the applicant shall be demonstrated by the successful passage of the examination as established by the Board (Association Of State Boards of Geology or ASBOG Examination) which is designed to demonstrate that the applicant has the necessary knowledge and skill to exercise the responsibilities of the public practice of geology.   If the applicant does not pass the required examination, he or she may resubmit scores.

  4. The Board may issue a geologist-in-training certificate to any applicant who meets all qualifications, including successful passage of the fundamental portion of the ASBOG examination, except the required time of professional geological work.

    (a) An applicant with a geologist-in-training certificate shall be awarded full registration upon presentation of proof that the required time of professional geologic work has been completed and the presentation of names and addresses of three qualified geologists and two persons who can attest to personal character and ethics.

FEES AND COSTS: The schedule of fees is as follows:

(1) Application for Registered Geologist or Geologist-in-training ..........
(2) Initial or Comity registration ...............................................
(3) Geologist-in-training certificate............................................
(4) Geologist Registration Renewal Fee .......................................
(5) Geologist-in-training Certificate Renewal Fee............................
(6) Annual renewal fee for unapproved applications on file.................

The registration year is from July 1 - June 30.

A certificate of registration will be issued upon approval and payment of registration fee.


Every person, except as specifically exempted below, who shall publicly practice or offer to publicly practice geology in this State is subject to this Act.  The following persons are exempt:

  1. Persons engaged solely in teaching the science of geology or engaged in nonpublic geologic research in this State;
  2. Officers and employees of the United States or this State, practicing solely as such officers or employees; and
  3. A subordinate to a geologist registered under this Act, insofar as he acts solely in such capacity.  This exemption, however, does not permit any such subordinate to practice geology for others in his own right or to use the title "registered geologist".

Effect of Act on partnerships, corporations, nonpublic geological services, etc.; effect of Act on other professions; out-of-state geologists.

  1. This Act does not prohibit one or more geologists from practicing through the medium of sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation.  In a partnership or corporation whose primary activity consists of geological services, at least one partner or officer shall be a registered geologist.
  2. This Act does not prevent or prohibit an individual, firm, company, association, or corporation whose principal business is other than the public practice of geology from employing a nonregistered geologist to perform nonpublic geological services necessary to the conduct of its business.
  3. This Act shall not be construed to prevent or affect:

      (a) The practice of any profession or trade for which a license is required under any other law of this State.

      (b) The practice of geology by a person not a resident of and having no established place of business in this State, when such practice does not exceed in the aggregate more than 90 days in any calendar year, provided that such person is licensed or registered to practice such profession in another state where the requirements for a certificate of registration or license are not lower than those specified in this State for obtaining the registration required for such work; and provided, further, that such nonresident shall file with the Board, on or before entering the State for commencing such work, a statement giving his name, residence, and the number of his license or certificate of registration and by what authority issued and, upon completion of the work, a statement of time engaged in such work within the State, or

      (c) The practice by a person who is not a resident of, and having no established place of business in this State, or who has recently become a resident hereof practicing or offering to practice the profession of geology herein for more than 90 days in any calendar year, if he shall have filed with the Board an application for a certificate of registration and shall have paid the fee required by the Act.  Such practice shall continue only for such time as the Board requires for the consideration of the applicant for registration.

NOTE:  A copy of Act 701 of 1987 can be obtained upon request from the Board of Registration.


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